Tuesday, June 18, 2013

gyoza last thing on a Brisbane Sunday night

There’s always a right time to leave the last dumpling on a plate. Any dumpling. No matter how good it is. Some examples of when, quite exactly, one might consider the notion that one has hung around a litle too long could include, but not confined to:

1) Your host has to ask you to pay your bill and leave now
2) You’re actually properly tired
3) Eat another gyoza and you'll take someone down with you on the way out
4) You’re properly drunk on great Japanese beer and well on your way to memorably embarrassing yourself and anybody associated with you
5) You’re heading up the last straggle of diners and staying longer would make you seem tragic or desperate
6) Someone slightly more tragic looking than you has just arrived and no possible good can come from you being in the same restaurant with them
7) There’s better gyoza at a new place just opened up down the street
8) Someone really smart kicks the karaoke system into life
9) There is more than one left on the plate

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