Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A bit more Ramadan

So, last night we get slammed with the healthy sum of 416 hungry guests breaking their fast, when I say hungry I totally mean it - these guys could certainly pack away some volume of food...

The display was quite something, and due to the ferociousness of the onslaught I could only grab a handful of images before mayhem descended upon the team. The food was fantastic, fresh vibrant and full of life, a feast for every sensation.

The soups, cold mezzahs, tajines, kebbeh and fatayer, koshary, sayadia and the ouzi through to the katayef, um ali and the baklavas - all were gorgeously presented one minute, devastated and devoured the very next.

Our charcoal grill was crackling with fire and flavour, the soup pot never seemed to be able to re fill itself no matter how hard we tried, and as we picked the tender meat of the ouzi it was being grabbed off our finger tips before we could blink.

The kebbeh, sambousek and fatayer took the place of finger food for all to get their appetites kick started as they shuffled along the queue to fill their plates to dizzying heights - biryani and white chocolate from the chocolate fountain on the same plate?

Oh yes, it was all kicking off last night...


  1. I really should not look at these pictures before my breakfast... the buffet looks awesome.

  2. gary, you really need to tweet more about your blog- it is wonderful. it's a hidden gem.

  3. shayma, I would if there were more bones in it, I feel it's just a recipe book in the making rather than a series of fascinating storytelling (like yours is proving to be) maybe I ought to put more content in there and keep the recipes limited to smaller, easier ones?

  4. actually, i like the way yours is a lovely one stop shop for recipes. not all food blogs have to have stories- i have a gorgeous recipe from the past weekend but cant seem to think of a story so am stumped- it's best to stay away from that sort of a blog i think!
    your recipes are beautiful and elegant, dont change anything, just tweet more about it!